5868_599188643459015_1584413336_nThe Company:     Established in 2012 as a local carpentry and home repair company, Alex Cowan Custom Woodwork is now a full capacity, trim carpentry, commercial build-out, and custom furniture company. ACCW has worked with interior design firms and business owners in the DC metropolitan area creating unique restaurants, office spaces, and home interiors. Some of the custom woodworking and art installations by ACCW include work at Irish Whiskey, and Teddy and the Bully Bar in Washington DC, and Copperwood Tavern in Shirlington Virginia.

The Owner:     Alex Cowan began working with wood in 2005. He worked in many capacities as a carpenter doing a range of work from basic home repair to custom cabinetry. Some of his early work included work building out small businesses such as Fields English Custom Tailor of Grover Park, Washington DC, and custom built-ins in homes in Georgetown, Washington DC area. In 2012 he decided to create his own company so that he could create works of art that stood up to his own high standards for carpentry and woodworking.


Alex Cowan Contracting LLC Doing buisness as “ACCW”

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